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The Best Way to Inject Life into your Restaurants' Direct Online Sales

No Downloading, No Registration, just simple ordering without all the nonsense. It’s about time!

As a decision maker for a restaurant brand of any size, are you sick of surrendering ridiculous commission rates to third parties? This is definitely not the best tool for increasing your restaurant’s online sales. You are giving away too much and not getting enough in return as your margins as a business take a hit. Not to mention that they are also hijacking your customer data and relationships, while promoting their branding and logo in the front. Your restaurant brand takes a backseat, while being just one listed among the hundreds of restaurant brands these third parties hold hostage. Additionally, how do you re-engage and bring back customers in an efficient way when they are ordering from these third parties? At best, an email with an industry average 14% opening rate. Is this really the best tool for increasing your restaurants’ online sales?

This does not need to be the reality for your restaurant business, nor should it ever be. It’s the “easy” yet expensive way, but not the most efficient or the best way to cut costs while increasing sales. Furthermore, restaurants should be the rightful owners of their customer data, while being able to re-engage and bring them back where they will actually care and see it.

In comes a Direct Sales Channel that alleviates all of the aforementioned pain points while opening new avenues to success. Facebook Messenger Ordering, with its 111+ Million Users in the US alone! All this, while cutting costs and increasing sales, keeping your customers direct, and owning all customer data and relationships. This will be the best tool for increasing your restaurants’ online sales, as this is where your customers naturally are, day in and day out.

Companies like Say2eat exist for this exact reason, while charging no commissions that hurt the profitability of restaurant brands. The driving force behind Say2eat is to alleviate the pain points of both a restaurant business, and its customer base when simply wanting to order online. Gone are the days where the customer must download and register just to order food, along with the days where a restaurant must surrender to giving up its customer data and hurting its margins.

Say2eat makes ordering food as simple as messaging a friend, while delivering all customer data and relationships directly to the restaurant as its rightful owner, allowing a restaurant brand to truly get to know their audience and track ordering behaviors and trends. Additionally, Say2eat integrates directly to the restaurant POS to streamline operations, automates the re-targeting of each user to promote repeat ordering, and grows your online delivery business at a fraction of the cost, all as a direct sales channel. Say2eat is fully white label, putting your restaurant logo and branding in the spotlight with customers in a personalized and thoughtful 1-to-1 manner.

Creating an online ordering guest experience that delivers a high LTV and completion rates for your restaurant brand had always been a real challenge. Until now. This is by far the best tool for increasing your restaurants’ online sales, with up to triple the ordering completion rates seen with mobile apps or website ordering. This is no magic trick, and is simply attributed to the fact that your customers are already on Facebook Messenger, and this is what is familiar and native to them for simple, easy ordering.

With Say2eat, you will accomplish this by meeting your digital diners where they already are, in a native, user-friendly and frictionless online ordering mechanism. We live in an on-demand economy where convenience is king. If you force customers to download and/or register just to order from you, 90% of the time they will abandon the ordering process altogether. Extending online ordering into the natural behaviors and day-to-day lifestyles of customers is a way to ensure you are meeting them where they spend their free time, leading to the skyrocketing of conversion rated on each and every order.

Different customers have different preferences. Some will prefer website ordering, some will prefer using an app, and some will prefer Facebook Messenger ordering, or a mix of all of the above. That is precisely why adding ordering via Facebook Messenger adds a valuable weapon to your online ordering arsenal. It is the true “online drive-thru”, extremely efficient for mobile users, and delivers the ultimate guest ordering experience centered around convenience. Not to mention keeping your customers direct, along with their data, automating their re-targeting as a branded and personalized notification from your restaurant, POS integration, delivery as a service at a fraction of the cost, and much more!

What is stopping you from trying it today and seeing the results speak for themselves? Join the restaurants already reaping the benefits of the best tool for increasing your restaurants’ online sales! The bottom line here is that you will be saving significant costs, while increasing your restaurants’ online sales in a meaningful way. It is a true win-win for both the restaurant and consumer, as ordering online becomes as quick and easy as possible.

To get started, visit say2eat.com or call 470-Say2eat!

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