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How to properly offer Online Ordering and Delivery from your Restaurant during and after COVID-19

Customers prefer ordering directly from the local restaurant businesses that they know and love. They can rely on them, they know what they are getting, and they want to support them. In fact, recent studies have shown that over 82% of customers prefer ordering directly from the restaurant, versus a third party delivery app that promotes itself. Below you will find the options at your disposal for delivery today, as a guide to what may suit your restaurant best.

So let's review your options, and the pros and cons of each one by one. Remember, it is important to consider what may suit your restaurant best, while also considering your margins and profitability as a business:

1st Option - Billion Dollar Third Party Delivery Providers

Of course we must begin the conversation with the usual suspects. The DoorDashes, Ubereats, GrubHubs and Postmates of the world. Well, quite frankly this is the easy way out, and many restaurant owners will tell you it was a mistake.

Yes, you will get delivery orders from them, but at what cost? 30% commission from each order? Surrendering your customer data, relationships and branding to a billion dollar corporation that only promotes itself? Burying your restaurant within a list of hundreds of other restaurants in an app that brands itself and not you?

No thank you.

2nd Option - Create your own In-House Online Ordering and Delivery Service

You do have the option of creating your own ordering and delivery service. Do you have the time, budget, technical knowhow, and patience to deal with your own drivers, pay them, all while dealing with liability and insurance?

Sorry, no dice.

3rd Option - Say2eat's Direct Online Ordering and Commission-Free Delivery Service

With Say2eat, you can truly optimize your business, save on commissions, own your online sales and customer relationships, all while letting a white label service handle everything from A-Z for you.

See what Say2eat's restaurant clients across the country have to say about the savings, increase in sales, and unparalleled direct sales and customer control that Say2eat provides. Let's face it, there are way too many pain points in the restaurant industry today, when it comes to online ordering and delivery.

Let's hear it straight from the horse's mouth, in regards to how Say2eat is solving these pain points:

Let’s talk about affordable, commission-free delivery for restaurant businesses, and easy, fast, convenient ordering for your customers without all the nonsense. Book a time to speak with Say2eat today!:

To learn more, book a demo, or get started, visit say2eat.com or call 470-Say2eat!

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