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How to Offer Direct Delivery from Your Restaurants, without relying on Third Parties

There is now a better way to grow online sales for your restaurants! Especially when it comes to delivery, you can now grow delivery sales exponentially with ZERO commissions.

How? With companies who were created for the sole purpose of making online ordering and delivery more affordable and profitable via “direct” channels on the business end, while making ordering on the consumer end as convenient as possible, with “omni-channel” ordering options.

Companies like Say2eat have emerged to empower these exact strategies and give restaurants back full control. Put simply, Say2eat allows for online and delivery sales growth with 0% commissions on any orders, while increasing ordering traffic through convenience first and foremost. This is made possible by giving customers options when ordering online through Say2eat’s technology. Regardless of which device they are on, or what their personal preference may be, Say2eat makes it as convenient as possible to order for your valued customers. Not to mention giving back restaurants everything they have surrendered to third party delivery companies and more! This includes the restaurants’ branding, customer data, relationships with the customers, and online sales at large.

When working with third party delivery companies, your restaurant becomes nothing more than a “virtual kitchen” working for that third party delivery giant, while they endanger your restaurant business’ margins all in one fell swoop. They take your branding, they take your customers, and they own your customer data. How important is it to wake up and realize that there is a healthier strategy for your restaurant business?

“We thought it was important to create a different type of delivery option for restaurants that wanted to meet the needs of the consumer that didn’t result in the restaurant losing 20 to 30% of the total revenue of that transaction in the form of a commission to a marketplace. It’s much cleaner for the consumer, the restaurant is paying a lot less and they’re getting the customer data.” —Noah Glass, CEO of Olo

And how about the benefits of “Omni-channel” ordering and the convenience it offers online customers?

“I think that’s what you will continue to see a proliferation of: more and more ways consumers using a digital experience to place an order. And I think restaurants are going to lead the way.” —Noah Glass, CEO of Olo

So, the question now becomes — Who in their right mind would surrender the entire farm and just become a “virtual kitchen” for third party delivery giants in addition to margin killing commissions they charge? Especially when there is a better way with companies like Say2eat?

Well, the answer is simple. It will be someone who is struggling to get orders, exposure, and the increase in online sales they seek.

But, is surrendering your entire brand, customer data and relationships to third parties, high commissions, and everything else truly worth it just to get that extra bit of exposure? Is it worth it considering that every single day there are restaurants closing their doors and going bankrupt all because of commissions with third parties? Is it worth it knowing that eventually this will be the sad reality for more restaurants than not, and will more than likely inevitably effect you as well?

Absolutely not! Restaurants today have their own digital exposure to capitalize on and convert into orders organically. It is truly endless! From the website, to the facebook page, to the instagram account, even when people google your restaurant. Say2eat helps convert any and all digital following and exposure into orders placed, organically! Say2eat also provides a commission-free delivery service with several courier networks, so that restaurants can finally stop paying high commissions per delivery order, and not be at the mercy of third party delivery providers.

Let’s speak today about healthy delivery growth at scale with no commissions, taking back control of your brand, customer data and relationships with them, and how to prevent you from continuing to be nothing more than a virtual kitchen for the third parties you work with. Or, that you are working for if we are being realistic. Enough. Those days are over and no longer must be the reality.

To learn more, book a demo, or get started, visit say2eat.com or call 470-Say2eat!

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