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How to Choose the right Delivery Provider and Online Ordering Service for your Restaurant to Thrive

"Right now, restaurants think they’re generating a lot of business through using third-party delivery services, but in three years, they’re going to realize that they gave away 30% of their business paying commission for these services.”
-Jeremy Seaver, Owner of Tios Mexican Cafe

Your restaurant online ordering should be doing more than just “fine.” If it is not helping keep your profit margins healthy, while being omni-channel, while being direct with no commissions, and above all else, ultra convenient for your online guests, then you are doing a great dis-service to both your restaurant business and your valued customers.

“81% of all diners prefer using a restaurant’s website rather than using a third-party ordering site to place an order. One of the reasons being that diners enjoy interacting with the restaurant brand directly.”
-Toast Restaurant Technology Report

Believe it or not, there are some restaurant tech companies out there who actually care about saving you margin killing commissions from third party delivery companies. Why should you have to endanger the financial health of your overall restaurant business just to offer delivery to your customers? Why should you have to surrender your branding, customer relationships and data, ability to sell direct, and much more just to offer delivery? Well, you don’t! And there are companies out there such as Say2eat who were created for the sole purpose of alleviating these pain points, while giving restaurants back full control along with a commission-free delivery service.

This, while offering a direct sales channel for omni-channel online ordering. Say2eat provides online ordering within your customers’ favorite channels such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram, with website ordering as well for those customers that are not ordering directly via mobile device. 57.2% of the US population is naturally using Facebook Messenger, with it being the only messaging app in the country that is used by over half of the population. This significantly shortens the marketing funnel to the transaction, and is a massive opportunity that is there for the taking, to meet and transact for quick, convenient ordering where your customers naturally are. Transacting at scale, and as simply as messaging a friend or family member. Additionally, everything is branded with the restaurant’s logo and branding, as Say2eat is fully white label and behind the scenes as a direct sales channel for it’s valued restaurant partners.

With Say2eat’s “direct delivery” dispatch service, exponential delivery growth is promoted and empowered in a healthy way. Regardless of if the delivery distance is 0.25 miles or 5 miles, you pay no commissions. Regardless of if the order check size is $15 or $150, you pay no commissions. This is how it should be, as simply offering delivery to your customers does not need to ever bring your restaurant business anywhere near the pain points that third party delivery companies incur. They are promoting their brand in the spotlight while significantly hurting restaurant margins, putting you on the back burner as one restaurant mixed within a list of hundreds of others. Enough!

“78% of delivery orders are placed through the restaurant itself, while only 22% of orders are placed through third-party delivery companies.”
-Winsight/Restaurant Business Online
“Restaurants substantially underestimate the financial benefits of having their own online ordering system. ”
-Vishal Agarwal, Founder/CEO of Checkmate

One thing is clear, online ordering for delivery is not going anywhere. In fact, according to Morgan Stanley, delivery is expected to account for 30% of all US restaurant revenue by 2022! Restaurants who care about convenience to their customers, keeping their margins, and are forward thinking, will be the biggest beneficiaries. The ones who are trying new tactics for better results, learning about the most convenient ways for their customers to order online, and accept that paying commissions does not have to be the reality, will end up as the big winners in the restaurant delivery space. Everyone is seemingly blindly giving in the third party giants, without knowing there are more cost effective, convenient solutions out there.

Let’s talk about healthy delivery growth for your business, and convenient, simple ordering for your customers. Most importantly, ordering for your customers where they want, where they spend their time naturally, and where it is truly convenient for them. Omni. Channel. Ordering. Direct. Commission. Free.

To learn more, book a demo, or get started, visit say2eat.com or call 470-Say2eat!

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