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How to Help Your Restaurants Survive with Commission-Free Delivery and Direct Online Ordering

According to The Washington Post and news outlets across the country, “Restaurants are barely surviving. Delivery apps will kill them. Their fees make it impossible to turn a profit.”

Does this have to be the reality for restaurants just to offer delivery? Absolutely not. But it is important to understand just how much of a negative effect these billion dollar third party delivery corporations have on your restaurants. It is also important to understand that there are commission-free delivery and online ordering providers such as Say2eat that can help save your business and excite customers, while ordering directly from your restaurant via website and social media.

Before jumping into solutions that are commission-free, here is a brief story that should be shared and heard by all restaurant owners. It is the real story of an existing restaurant owner’s struggle with third party delivery provided by The Washington Post, and a sad reality for too many restaurants in the US today:

“Giuseppe Badalamenti thought he knew everything about selling pizza. Then a client of his food truck turned consultancy, Chicago Pizza Boss, showed him her March invoice from Grubhub.

Customers had paid $1,042.63 for 46 pizzas; the delivery company, which is based in Chicago, had taken $666.09 in commissions and fees. That left the pizzeria with barely enough to pay for San Marzano tomatoes and cheese.

“I’m sitting there fuming looking at this receipt,” says Badalamenti, who had never dealt with delivery apps while running his own pizza truck. “But it’s like an open secret. Owners have been suffering in silence, because they’re ashamed, and they think this is what you have to do because this is what everyone is doing.” -The Washington Post Restaurant Outlook

Well, Say2eat is here to make it crystal clear that third party delivery is not what restaurants HAVE to do, but what they CHOOSE to do because at first it seems to good to be true to have delivery essentially taken care of from all angles for you. In reality, most restaurants end up regretting the decision to work with third party delivery such as Doordash and Ubereats. As mentioned above, they. are even ashamed and feel duped into working with third party delivery.

The original decision to use third party delivery made sense and sounded good in order to grow delivery orders. But at what cost? As seen in the story above, $1,042 in sales should all be going into the restaurant owner’s pocket, while only $666 ends up there. SOMETHING. IS. WRONG.

While Say2eat’s comprehensive direct online ordering umbrella certainly increases orders and helps restaurants directly control their marketing and relationships with customers, the true value is in the bottom line and healthier margins. Say2eat’s commission-free delivery service is the real difference maker between restaurants that shut down because of margin killing commissions with third party delivery, and restaurants that grow sales in a healthy way that is commission free for years to come, and sustainable well into the future.

Say2eat helps its’ restaurant clients save AT LEAST 50% ON WHAT THEY PAY TODAY FOR DELIVERY and helps reverse the toxic trend of high commissions for delivery. Let’s talk about affordable, commission-free delivery for restaurant businesses, and easy, fast, convenient ordering for your customers without all the nonsense.

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