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How to Get Restaurant Customers to Order Food Delivery Online, from Your Restaurant Despite COVID-19

Updated: Feb 3

A new study by powerhouse firm Deloitte has definitively shown, that despite the pandemic we are in, restaurant consumers are buying into the new changes such as ghost kitchens, contactless delivery, curbside pickup and even increased prices! As it turns out, not only do restaurant consumers now want to support their local restaurant businesses more than ever before, but they are even willing to pay extra to do so, while maintaining high expectations for quality of service. Here are the extremely important key takeaways from the compelling report by Deloitte:

This shows that there is so much more that a restaurant can currently do to capitalize more than ever before, and it turns out that the recipe for success is quite simple. Here is a list of what restaurants can do RIGHT NOW, in order to satisfy customers, meet their expectations, and increase online sales more than ever before:

1. Offer Convenience When Customers Order Online:

Make it fast, simple and enjoyable to order delivery/pickup online from your restaurant. The best way to do so is by offering an umbrella of DIRECT online ordering options, catering to both any customer and device preference. Offering ordering directly within Facebook, Instagram, and directly via your website will supercharge your business like never before. Companies such as Say2eat offer all this, along with a google integration to capture even more orders, directly promoting only the restaurant while Say2eat is fully behind the scenes.

2. Get Rid of Third Party Delivery and Go Commission-Free!:

Now more than ever before, people want to support their local restaurants, and not billion dollar delivery corporations such as Ubereats and Doordash. So why are restaurants still doing all the hard work, just to give all the credit to the Ubereats’ of the world, while promoting those corporations and not their own restaurant, and paying as high as 35% commission per order? Enough. Say2eat exists to provide convenient options when customers order, along with a COMMISSION-FREE DELIVERY SERVICE to help restaurants cut back on commissions and own promote only themselves directly.

3. Shorten the Customer Journey/Marketing Funnel to Order Placement:

Let’s face it, unless you are a Domino’s Pizza or Starbucks, chances are very slim that a customer will download and order via an app just to order from your one restaurant time and time again. Nobody has patience for downloading and registration anymore when ordering food, and 90% abandon ordering when being asked to do so. Offer simple, lighting fast ordering directly within the channels that customers spend so much time such as Facebook and Instagram via companies such as Say2eat. Say2eat also expands ordering via multi-device enabled website, with an integration to google to capture even more orders, truly providing a comprehensive, all-encompassing, online ordering umbrella for restaurants and guests alike.

The importance of listening to your customers and promoting your own restaurant with 0% commission, can be the difference between a long term sustainable restaurant, and one that is near death and closing their doors. The customers have spoken, high commissions with third parties have lead to poor margins/profitability, and there are proven ways to reverse toxic trends via companies like Say2eat.

I leave you with this powerful quote tied to the Deloitte study, by Deloitte Principal Jean Chick:

“Restaurants that emerge from this unplanned inflection point in the industry’s history will be set up to provide a new standard in customer convenience, responsiveness that can pay off long after the tumult of this pandemic is over.”

Let’s talk about affordable, commission-free delivery for restaurant businesses, and easy, fast, convenient ordering for your customers without all the nonsense. Book a time to speak with Say2eat today!:

To learn more, book a demo, or get started, visit say2eat.com or call 470-Say2eat!

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